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Regular Portable Toilet

These units come with toilet paper and hand sanitizer. They are the most rented unit.

​​​Portable Toilet with Sink

In addition to the regular portable toilet features, this one come with a sink, soap and paper towels.

​​Luxury Flush Unit

This unit has a toilet bowl just like home does. This unit enables you to flush and have all of the features the portable toilet with a sink has.

Construction Unit

A construction unit includes toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

​Handicap Unit

These units are bigger to accommodate wheelchairs.

Stand Alone Hand Washing Stations

The hand washing station include soap and paper towels.

Residential & Commercial Septic Pumping

We can quote by the  tank or by the gallon.

Grease Trap Pumping

We service convenience stores, school and more. 


​8 Stall Luxury Bathroom Trailer

This trailer provides guest with a relaxing, private and pleasant environment. The  ladies area has 4 stalls and a double vanity. the mens area has two stalls, 2 urinals and a double vanity. The trailer is equipment with climate control, radio and a USB port to customize your music.


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